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Free Shipping On Order Over $70

Tony's Chocolonely Bar Dark Milk Chocolate Brownie 6.35 OZ

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A CHOCOLATEY LOVE A-FAIR - Ben & Jerry's has joined our mission to end modern slavery & child labor in the chocolate industry. We've created this ice cream-inspired bar to celebrate their commitment
DARK MILK CHOCOLATE & BROWNIES - This dark milk chocolate brownie bar is the perfect combo of Tony’s Chocolonely’s dark milk chocolate and crunchy brownie pieces
FAIRTRADE CERTIFIED - All the cocoa & sugar in our chocolate is Fairtrade certified. We purchase cocoa directly from cocoa farmers in West Africa & work with 11 cooperatives to source our cocoa
UNEQUALLY DIVIDED PIECES - Our large bars become unequally divided because it's strange for a chocolate bar to have equal pieces while the industry is still so unequally divided
OUR MISSION - At Tony's, our vision is to create chocolate free of exploitation worldwide. Our roadmap to this goal consists of three pillars: creating awareness, leading by example, and inspiring others to act




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