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Free Shipping On Order Over $70

Lily'S Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Bar 2.8 Oz

by Lilys
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Has anyone ever claimed you can beat the combination of soft, creamy peanut butter filling inside an exquisite dark chocolate style shell? If they did, they'd have to be out of their minds. That, or they never had the pleasure of tasting Lily's peanut butter filled dark chocolate style confections with 55% cacao and no added sugar and made with stevia. These bars make the perfect snack no matter when your taste buds request a date with perfection. Pack a gluten-free bar in the next Easter basket, Christmas stocking, Valentine's Day gift bag, or Halloween party favor you build, and watch the people around you come to their senses and agree that a peanut butter filled dark chocolate style treat is the way to go when it's time for dessert. Don't believe us? That's okay. We wouldn't either if we hadn't tried this divine treat for ourselves. So come on, grab a bite and join the crowd of peanut butter and dark chocolate believers.


Unsweetened Chocolate; Erythritol; Chicory Root Fiber; Dextrin; Cocoa Butter; Peanuts; Palm Kernel Oil; Peanut Flour; Coconut Oil; Milk Fat (Rbst Free); Palm Oil; Salt; Sunflower Lecithin; Stevia Extract; Vanilla Extract.

Nutrition Information

  • Natural