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Free Shipping On Order Over $70

C & H Pure Cane Sugar Dark Brown Box 16 Oz

by C & H
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100% Pure cane. Contains no beet sugar. Flavor that's deep, rich and real. When it comes to baking, good cooks understand the importance of using only the best ingredients. C&H Dark Brown Sugar is authentic, 100% pure cane sugar made from sugar cane full of flavor and naturally brown all the way through and through. Its natural moistness and deep rich molasses flavor make it ideal for full-flavored or savory recipes, including brownies, gingerbread, coffee and chocolate cakes, fudge, BBQ sauce, marinades, sweet and sour sauce and pancake syrups. When you put in the effort to bake up something fresh for your family, don't settle for anything less.



Brown Sugar

Nutrition Information

  • Natural